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CVO's Desk


Vidya Bhushan Kumar,IFS
Chief Vigilance Officer


Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to join this prestigious organisation as the Chief Vigilance Officer of BEML Limited since 04.01.2017. As CVO, I am mandated with the responsibility to advise the Head of the Organisation on Vigilance Matters and on appropriate preventive measures so as to prevent commission / omission by the members of BEML during discharge of their official functions and also to act as a link between BEML and CVC/MoD/ CBI on all Vigilance related matters.

Vigilance is generally perceived in a negative connotation. It is seen as an impediment in decision making. However, in any organisation Vigilance is basically and admittedly a managerial function and is an integral part for ensuring good and transparent governance, therefore, it is an integral part of the duties of every member of the organisation.

CVOs’ functions can broadly be divided into three parts, Preventive Vigilance, Punitive Vigilance and Surveillance & Detection. While surveillance and punitive action for commission of misconduct and other malpractices is certainly important, during my tenure as CVO BEML, I will be concentrating predominantly on the preventive measures, where we together would strive to create transparent and objective process thereby minimising the scope of corruption and wrong doings.

As part of Preventive Vigilance, continuous efforts are being made to identify gaps if any in the existing system and issue systemic improvement recommendations to plug such shortcomings. With cooperation of all of you, my efforts would be to ensure these systemic improvements are also effectively implemented. Training, skill up gradation and sensitisation of officers dealing with sensitive works would be my another priority.

Corruption is one of the root causes of extreme poverty, conflict and State fragility. It cripples States’ ability to effectively deliver services and maintain the rule of law and is an anti development. To relieve from the clutches of corruption, citizens of absolute integrity is an absolute necessity. Vigilance administration is a wholesome approach to fight against corruption where more focus is given to preventive aspects. CVC in its efforts to create greater awareness and participation of the public at large has envisaged the concept of Integrity Pledge enlisting support and commitment of the citizens and other Corporate / entities / firms to prevent and combat corruption. I am happy to inform that in BEML till date about 6060 functionaries have taken CVC’s online Integrity Pledge for Citizens, but still it is not enough.

I would like to request to the remaining functionaries of BEML to undertake CVC’s online Integrity Pledge for Citizens at the earliest and also encourage your family members, friends and neighbours to take CVC’s online Integrity pledge and make it a mass movement.

Thank you.